Friday, August 12, 2011

-Wireless Dog Fence

!±8± -Wireless Dog Fence

Want to keep your dog or cat safe, but do not want a fence? Try an electric fence wireless dog or cat. Can be used indoors or outdoors. If you have some areas of your home or garden that you want from your dog or cat, as they have "No Trespassing" visa, then Fencing is the wireless way to go.

They use electric fences and containment systems, transmitter, plug in a wall of your home. The dog wears an electronic collar that receives radio signals from the transmitter. TheGive the dog signals harmless shots, making the dog to change the direction of attention. The transmitter allows the correction is used, proof that you can be what works best for your dog.

The internal systems, or avoidance of cat or wireless fence dog in a station, so you can keep your dog or cat from certain areas, such as your flower garden, or junk, or the couch or from the nursery.

The wireless electric dog fence consists of approximately half an acreWorking in a circular arc 90 feet. The transmitter works best when it is near the center of the radius of the sidewalk is located. It has no problem with that is not transferred to the transmission through walls, but the sheet, so as to keep the transmitter away from a metal shed, for example. Set with more than one transmitter allows a larger area to cover. Since the radio signals that sends signals that the enclosure must be no obstacles from the trees, large rocks or slopes that will not send a constantVisibility. A second story location for the transmitter can improve the visibility of small radially on a slope, but there must be a sight for the signal to work.

The transmission works with a receiver collar worn by the animal. The collar starts to play, and then send the static correction if the dog continues to the border area. The system made especially for cats is for their smaller bodies. The electronic collar for dog collars are bigger than others, and is too heavy forthe dog of 10 pounds. or however it works great for medium-sized dogs that are large dogs, as an English Mastiff, for example. It should be snug but not constricting. You can do this leaving the room, from one finger between the end of the contact point and to examine the dog's skin. Make it a habit to check the contact whenever they are in contact with the collar is not correct!

Since this wireless system is portable, you can take with you when you visitVacation or at camp. And 'waterproof! Only establish the boundary conditions, and you and Pooch are willing to play without worrying about the wet collar.

The batteries are replaceable for the fence and generally last about 2-3 months, depending on how often your dog proves the border area. A flashing light goes off 4-5 seconds to let you know when the pasta is low. It seeks to relax or go. Let your dog run around and play in its new security zone and keep the cat from the sofa, whileThey're gone!

-Wireless Dog Fence

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